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Collection Locker organizes, catalogs, and shares so you can focus on collecting

Frequently Asked Questions Frequently Asked Questions

What makes different? does not install on your computer.

Why is it important that an inventory software not install on your computer?
When a software package is installed on your computer, then all the data loaded is stored on your computer too. If there is a disaster then any data stored on a PC in your home will be lost also. CollectionLocker's hosted solution takes away the need to back your data up offsite, we do it for you.

Do you store any of my data? does not want to know anything about you except your email. We use to handle all financial transactions to eliminate us storing any of your information. Therefore we only log an IP address in the event of an error to help identify and eliminate any hacking attempts. No other personal information is tracked for any reason.

How much is it each month? is free for thirty (30) days, $4.99 for the next 5 months for a total of six months for less than $10.00.  After the sixth month you are billed each month at $4.99 USD.

How do I cancel my subscription?
Once you create an account you will see a link to the cancel account page. Once you cancel all data that was input will be permanently deleted from the servers.

Can I sign back up?
You may sign back up at any time but you will have to re-enter all your data for your collection.

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How does Collection Locker work?
  • Browser based so no software to download
  • Cloud-based inventory program and offsite data storage
  • Available on a Tablet, PC, MAC, or any SmartPhone